About the blog

Hello, out there. My name is Elmira Cancelada.
I’m a Software QA Engineer from Maine, USA.
I love the hand-made objects that have beauty, color and quality.
I also love making things myself.
Currently I do stranded color work knitting.
The basics of knitting I learned in childhood, but I started knitting in earnest in 2016. One might say that I am a creative knitter, but I have temerity to call myself a textile artist. An amateur textile artist.

This blog is solely for sharing my ideas and mistakes with other creative souls. The mistakes are mostly mine, but the majority of good ideas start with others’ work.
In summary, the blog is for those who outgrew the selection of craft books in bookstores and started looking for inspiration elsewhere.

I do not sell anything or endorse any products.
I do not write step-by-step instructions for my projects.
This blog is about ideas.

I do make occasional commissioned projects, but they are very, very occasional.

Please, be patient šŸ‘‹

I will try to reply ASAP, but it might take a few days.

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